SM11-CN - Omnidirectional dynamic Lavalier microphone.

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The Shure SM11 is a miniature dynamic lavalier microphone designed for use in television broadcasting, sound reinforcement, certain radio and motion picture applications, and similar uses where a small, professional-quality microphone is required. The SM11 has an omnidirectional pickup pattern, and its frequency response is optimized for lavalier use. The microphone is supplied with a tie clasp assembly, tie tack assembly, connector belt clip, and zippered carrying bag. 

An optional kit for mounting the SM11 on various musical instruments is available as Shure Model RK279.

  • 1 - RK203TC Tie Clasp Assembly
  • 1 - 90A2384 Tie Tack Assembly
  • 1 - RK200BC Connector Belt Clip
  • 1 - 26A13 Carrying/Storage Bag