One DISTRO - Compact Power Distributor

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Actual product weight : 15.0 lb

  • The Micro-Distro from One Control is a unique new type of power supply because of its small size and versatility. The Micro-Distro can power 9 pedals, including a 12-18V SAG adjustable output.

    The Micro-Distro is reliable and stage ready with it’s low noise and low heat producing electronics.  Additionally, you can link two Micro Distros to power up 17 effect pedals. The Micro-Distro is an incredibly useful and innovative product that is sure to make using your pedal board easier.

All-In-One pack includes:

  • 1x Micro Distro

  • 1x EPA-2000 power adapter

  • 1x DC-15 LS

  • 3x DC-30 LS

  • 3x DC-50-LS

  • 2x DC-70-LS