Mackie MTest-1 - Cable Tester

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Whether you have a few or a mountain of cables, it pays to know which ones are good and which ones need to be tossed into the not so good pile. The MTEST-1 is an incredibly handy tool that can weed out the cables that may have seen too much action.


  • Test the most commonly used connector types in live sound and studio applications
    • 1/4” TRS and TS
    • 1/8” TRS and TS
    • XLR
    • RCA/Phono
    • Speakon
    • MIDI
    • Banana
  • Quickly verify each pin via the 6-way switch
  • Manually check continuity with the supplied probes
  • Powered by a single 9v battery
  • Built-Like-A-Tank™ construction