DYNA-RED-4K Distortion Pedal

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• For many BJFe enthusiasts, the original Dyna Red Distortion was a
“gateway drug” to the BJF tone addiction. Take classic plexi-voiced,
UK style rock tone, add some precise tone shaping in the upper
midrange, and sprinkle in ultra dynamic response that keeps the
pedal true to its name. Whereas many high-gain distortion boxes fall
flat when the guitarist plays quietly or with great dynamics, the Dyna
Red responds like a raging tube amp.
• One Control’s version adds a new “presence” control to help dial in
the Dyna Red across a wide variety of amplifiers - including solid
state amps
• Power or 9V battery-operated
• Current Draw: 3.5 mA
• Controls: Volume, Drive, Presence, Treble