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VMS-2 - Midi controller for DJ 2 channels

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The VMS2 is a compact midi controller that features 2 channels. It comes with its own rack mounting kit. Also included is the Virtual DJ LE software, so It is it's own DJ Mixer/Midi controller all built into one. The American Audio VMS2 has 2 large scratch wheels that can be used in CD mode or vinyl mode for real time scratching. You will have no problem fading the audio with the actual faders that are available for pitch control. The button layout on the VMS2 is made to match the virtual DJ LE software.

Shorten or lengthen your loops using the multitude of loop controls included on the VMS2. Easily select a track using the navigation controls in the center of the controller. The DSP D-Core will give you a much louder output and your microphones are going to sound a lot better. It is compatible with the Inno Fader (not included) which is the one of the most used faders and is one of the worlds best crossfaders designed for heavy scratching.
  • - 1 microphone input 

  • -  2 phono, 2 line, 1 USB inputs -

  • -  3-band EQ per channel -

  • -  6" scratch wheel -

  • -  Touch strips -

  • -  Virtual DJ LE software included -

  • -  Built-in DSP D-Core sound card -

  • -  inno Fader compatible