AudioPressBox APB-008 OW-EX - On wall 8 Line/MIC Outputs Expander

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On wall 8 Line/MIC Outputs Expander

A professional press box (Audio Splitter) expander featuring 8 Line/MIC outputs designed for system integrators for fixed installation. 
The OW stands for ON WALL as it is for surface mounting.
Outputs are divided to channel A and channel B so it can also be used for bilingual conferences.
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
It has 2 inputs with 3-pin phoenix connectors, one for each Output channel.
You can route each Input to Output Channel A or B or both via jumpers.


  • Portable Drive Unit
  • 1 Balanced LINE Input
  • Switchable High-Pass filter
  • Switchable Compressor and Limiter for Input channel
  • 2 separately buffered Outputs that can drive 6x APB-008 or 2x APB-024 Output expanders.
  • Maximum drive capacity 48 Line or Mic Outputs.


COMP COMP (Compressor/Limiter operation button) To provide perfect output signal without clipping or distortion, you can switch the Comp button ON. If you switch this OFF, signal in output could contain signal clipping or distortion.
HPF HPF (High Pass Filter) This button helps to avoid distributing low-end rumble like a microphone handling noise or pops. You have 2 options – full range or 160Hz low-cut frequency. The one you choose depends on the sound, you want to filter out.

24V DC Power Supply

driver 2x24 2 x buffered expander outputs