ASHLY digiMIX24 - 24 Inputs Digital Mixing Console

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Light and portable, it’s easy to transport or store away, whether you’re mixing live bands, a high school musical, a worship service, or recording in a project studio.
With its traditional analog feel, the Live Control Surface allows optimum control with real knobs and a live fader when selecting important functions, while offering conveniences of a responsive touchscreen, USB interfacing, and companion Apple iPad. App.


■ 24 total inputs / 14 total output buses

■ Desktop operation only

■ Two available operation modes: 4 AUX / 4 Subgroup Mode or 8 AUX mode
Includes 2-track USB audio I/O standard

■ Live Control Surface with precision-recall Alps® motorized 100mm fader for control of individual channels

■ 16 discrete Class A microphone preamps with dedicated trim controls, +48V phantom power, phase invert

■ 8 Auxiliary channels with dedicated outputs, Pre / Post modes, and individual assignment to main

■ Programmable, gain-sharing AutoMix mode for all 16 mic pre channels, individually assignable (1-16)

■ Intelligent Meter Bridge that displays input level for channels 1-16 or channel volume fader position

■ 6 DCA / Mute groups both hardware and software programmable, mute status can be stored with DCA groups

■ 7″ color LCD capacitive touchscreen for graphical viewing, assign, and setup

■ EZ-Mode for secure, simplified touchscreen or iPad® control with EZ-Mode mixer, allowing intuitive, safe, easy operation for the non-technical user, convenience and efficiency for the advanced user

■ Stereo tape/CD inputs and outputs on RCA connectors

■ USB 2-track audio stereo record and playback

■ TRS inserts on channels 1-8

■ Dedicated Pan control

■ High resolution delay (0.2mS) on every input, subgroup, AUX, or FX

■ Expander/noise gate on every input and FX channel

■ Compressor/limiter on every input, subgroup, output, and FX channel, 4-band parametric/shelving EQ filters plus HPF/LPF on every input, subgroup, output, and FX channel, 31-band Graphic EQ on Main, AUX, and Sub Outputs

■ Solo/PFL on every Input, Output, Subgroup, AUX, or FX

■ Stereo main outputs on XLR and phone jack with dedicated level control

■ Headphone and control room outputs with dedicated level controls

■ User presets for DSP channel, GEQ, FX, or scene settings (Save / Load), plus channel copy function

■ Cross-Fade mode for dedicated AV-related applications, creative performance and presentations

■ Free iPad® App for remote control, available in Apple App Store, (Same GUI as the digiMIX LCD screen)

■ Lock with password protection, Fader calibration adjustment and LCD brightness control

■ Digital multi-channel bay that allows the use of available (optional) Dante® and USB digital multi-channel I/O cards

■ Safety/compliance: cTUVus, FCC, RoHS, CE