ASHLY digiMIX18 - 18 Inputs Digital Mixer

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The digiMIX18 is the only direct rack-mount replacement for venerable 16-channel analog mixers such as the Mackie® CR1604-VLZ, Soundcraft® Signature 16, Yamaha® MG16 or Allen & Heath® MixWizard™ 16. Light and portable, the digiMIX18 is easy to transport or store away.
It’s equipped with Ashly’s renowned Class-A mic pre’s, to handle the most intense live inputs and screaming vocalists.


• Desktop mixer that is Rack-mountable (Rack rails included) 18 total inputs / 12 total output buses
• Optional, Dante® and USB digital I/O cards available with up to 30 digital outputs and 18 digital inputs
• 16 premium discrete Ashly Class-A mic pre amplifiers (mic / line combo connectors)
• 8 Auxiliary channels with dedicated outputs, Pre / Post modes, and individual assignment to main
• Programmable, 48V power for all 16 mic pres with status LED button
• Programmable, AutoMix mode for all 16 mic pre channels, individually assignable 1-16
• 6 DCA / Mute groups both hardware and software programmable, mute status can be stored with DCA groups
• Live Control Surface with precision-recall Alps® motorized 100mm fader for control of individual channels
• Responsive, 7′′ LCD color touchscreen with easy-to-use GUI
• DSP Processing includes: Expander/Gate, Comp/Limiter, PEQ in all channels, 31-band GEQ in all AUX and main outputs
• Up to 300ms of delay in all inputs and all outputs, useful for time alignment of inputs and outputs
• Two stereo multi-effects processors: reverb, delay, chorus, and much more, up to 104 user program locations
• Mute, Solo / Solo Clear, PFL, Stereo link, EQ Flat, Bypass and Sends mixer/routing edit and view
• Free iPad® App for remote control, available in Apple App Store, (Same GUI as the digiMIX LCD screen)
• CrossFade mode for dedicated AV-related applications, creative performance and presentations
• Lock with password protection, Fader calibration adjustment and LCD brightness control
• Digital multi-channel bay that allows the use of available (optional) Dante® and USB digital multi-channel I/O cards